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In a design pitch, no one wins

A design pitch, (also known as spec work) is a very, very bad idea.

Google Cardboard hardware

EVROPA: an experiment in VR

Diving headfirst into Unity & the Google Cardboard SDK and coming out the other side with a strange underwater VR experience.

Awesome clients = awesome projects

5 reasons why your new website will be even better than you had expected!

What? A web conference in Hong Kong?

Find out what happened at the first annual, a conference in Hong Kong for anyone who makes anything on the web.

Healthy Octopus: encouraging stair use

Can we improve public health in the Hong Kong metro by using monetary rewards (and a cute octopus)?

onActivity Loading Animation

Intro to Interning 101

The first internship is always a scary one. The second, third and fourth are no less intimidating; so when the internship exceeds your expectations, celebration is surely in order.

Fast food design

A blogpost with the slides from David Wieland’s presentation at HarbourFront about Fast Food Design (the trend where all websites look alike).


“That should be easy, right?”

Tab, tab, tab. Voila! The developer once again saves the day. But, is it really that easy?

Make my logo bigger

When a designer presents their work to you, they are willing and able to defend their design choices. (This does not mean they should get defensive about it. There’s an important difference.)