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Our thoughts on design, development, and dat agency life.

Grayscale's logos over the years, with a graph of snapshots below

Evolving the Grayscale identity

Over the past year, you may have noticed some changes to the way we look—more navy, less purple; more typography, fewer illustrations—that’s right, Grayscale is redesigning!

2023 ESF design day

Unravelling digital design workshop for ESF Design Day

Made our way to Renaissance College in Ma On Shan on the sunny morning of 15th February after weeks of cloudy Hong Kong.


Welcome to 2023!

Let’s give yourself a nice pat on the back – you made it through the unapologetically unproductive holiday and the post-holiday slump.

Mochi in Grayscale

All we want for Christmas is…

🎶 🎶 🎶 the time to play the Backstreet Boys’ latest festive album.

GS office

Work hard, prank harder

Time flies–we’re just 10 weeks away from 2023, and the northeast monsoon finally kicks up in Hong Kong.

20220826 birthday photo

Recipe for a birthday prank

K’s workstation got pink’d!


Beat the heat

This summertime roundup is all about the heat and sweat.

Choosing the right web design agency

This quick guide can help you pick the web design agency who suits your need and works on your particular situation.

Grayscale Web Design Hong Kong

4 Benefits of hiring a web design agency

Every partnership has its own challenges and benefits.


Beginner’s guide to open-source CMS

What is open-source CMS? Which one (WordPress VS Joomla VS Drupal) is the best for my project?


Say Hey to May

Welcome to May, the month when annoying monsoon rains in Hong Kong start to kick in.