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50 shades of dark mode

It’s here to help our eyes relax.

Dark mode (or night mode) is simply a version of your website or interface where, instead of a white background and dark text (close to traditional paper formats!), we flip it. So dark mode has lighter text on a darker background. As a growing trend today, the dark mode can easily be activated with a simple toggle on the website and tell users that you care about their digital reading experience.

On one hand, dark mode reduces eye strain and improves readability in low-light environments; on the other, it creates a sense of sophistication. It can also be used to highlight important elements, making it easier for users to focus on the content.

Here are a few design elements to be considered when making choices for a light and dark mode:

Colour palette 🎨

Alignment with the brand’s colour palette

A website with a predominantly deeper palette may benefit from dark mode to create a sense of consistency. A more muted brand may prefer to use light mode and large amounts of negative space to reinforce that feeling of serenity.

Brand positioning 🧐

Consistency with the brand’s positioning in the market

A brand that sells itself as cutting-edge and innovative may use dark mode to show modernity and sophistication, while a brand that portrays a traditional style may use white backgrounds for that classic paper-like feeling.

Emotional impact 💓

Mirroring the emotional impact

For example, dark mode may be used to create a sense of depth and intrigue, while white space may portray a sense of calm.

Accessibility 🦾

Taking into account the accessibility needs of the target audience

Users with visual impairments may benefit from using dark mode to reduce eye strain and improve readability. Alternatively, users with cognitive impairments may benefit from using white space to create a sense of clarity and organisation.

Ultimately, the choice of light or dark mode in website design should be based on the specific goals and requirements of the brand and its target audience. By carefully considering the unique needs and preferences of your users, combined with the brand’s goals – we can design more effectively.

Get in touch and see how we help with creating a dark mode version of your website.