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An honest review of the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme

The Hong Kong Government is trying to do some good with the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme. However, in my honest opinion, it ends up a disaster and is more damaging than helping. Here’s why. 1. D-Biz is slow and there’s red tape everywhere Everyone wants monetary help in times of crisis, and the sooner the […]

Fun. Failure. Farro

Your first-ever of anything is memorable. So here’s the story of how we’ve created Farro: Grayscale’s first-ever typeface. does a #02

Thought-provoking talks and informative workshops for web creators return to Hong Kong for the second year running!

Green office fingers

We like our plants like our clients: happy and healthy. Ploy Boonnitipat, our account exec, wrote you a brief guide on keeping office plants.

Google Cardboard hardware

EVROPA: an experiment in VR

Diving headfirst into Unity & the Google Cardboard SDK and coming out the other side with a strange underwater VR experience.

What? A web conference in Hong Kong?

Find out what happened at the first annual, a conference in Hong Kong for anyone who makes anything on the web.