We have published 3 Documentations and 12 Insights so far. does a #02

13 mins read, by Anthony Amici

Thought-provoking talks and informative workshops for web creators return to Hong Kong for the second year running!

Green office fingers

6 mins read, by Ploy Boonnitipat

We like our plants like our clients: happy and healthy. Ploy Boonnitipat, our account exec, wrote you a brief guide on keeping office plants.

EVROPA: an experiment in VR

10 mins read, by Anthony Amici

Diving headfirst into Unity & the Google Cardboard SDK and coming out the other side with a strange underwater VR experience.

Intro to Interning 101

4 mins read, by Ethelia Lung

The first internship is always a scary one. The second, third and fourth are no less intimidating; so when the internship exceeds your expectations, celebration is surely in order.

Fast Food Design

A few mins read, by David Wieland

The occurrence of so-called ‘fast food design’, where design products are generated almost automatically, is a direct result of another phenomenon, Design Singularity. Singularity in design is when effective design trends are overabundantly evident in all sorts of designs, regardless of industry or character.

Make my logo bigger

5 mins read, by David Wieland

When a designer presents their work to you, they are willing and able to defend their design choices. (this does not mean they should get defensive about it. There’s an important difference.)