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Evolving the Grayscale identity

Over the past year, you may have noticed some changes to the way we look—more navy, less purple; more typography, fewer illustrations—that’s right, Grayscale is redesigning!

Typeface? Huh?

Assuming you’re not a designer, what do you think of when you see the word “typeface”? Never seen it before? Well, how about this one? Font.

An honest review of the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme

Thinking about getting the “free” money from D-Biz? Here’s our honest review of the Government latest funding programme.


Distance Business Programme (D-Biz): a step closer to digital transformation

A list of useful D-Biz facts and FAQ as your quick guide.

Fun. Failure. Farro

Your first-ever of anything is memorable. So here’s the story of how we’ve created Farro: Grayscale’s first-ever typeface. does a #02

Thought-provoking talks and informative workshops for web creators return to Hong Kong for the second year running!

Green office fingers

We like our plants like our clients: happy and healthy. Ploy Boonnitipat, our account exec, wrote you a brief guide on keeping office plants.

Think like it’s 1995; code like it’s 2035

A workshop on web resilience and progressive enhancement with Jeremy Keith.

In a design pitch, no one wins

A design pitch, (also known as spec work) is a very, very bad idea.

Google Cardboard hardware

EVROPA: an experiment in VR

Diving headfirst into Unity & the Google Cardboard SDK and coming out the other side with a strange underwater VR experience.