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Day in the Life of a Project Manager

From early morning to late at night – it’s a day of Grayscale’s PM Yanny who combined countless deadlines and “we’ve got some questions” calls in her beyond-ordinary agency life.

안녕하세요 (Annyeonghaseyo)! I am Yanny, the project manager in Grayscale who is obsessed with learning foreign languages. My day with Team Grayscale starts at…

8:15 Usually I am the first to arrive at our beautiful, cozy office in Fortress Hill. After receiving a cheerful greeting from the cleaning lady, it is time to do some gardening. We are lucky enough to have a fascinating balcony to house some greens. The office garden is absolutely a source of pleasure and helps relieve stress of an agency life.

8:45 Best time to clear my email inbox and message notes from the previous day. As a client-facing project manager, this is perhaps the only period in the day that I can completely focus on paperwork and work on internal administrative tasks without client calls.

9:30 Other team members start to arrive at the office, and I’ve just finished going through the messages from clients on Whatsapp. So happy that our work received positive feedback from the client side – it’s time to share their optimistic feedback with the team on Slack!

10:30 I have discuss the project progress with our UX and web designer Annah while she is enjoying her breakfast sausage bun. There are times that our discussion gets so intense that we have to engage the project’s Lead Developer and the office mascot, Pompompurin for agency life support haha. ☕️

This is Pompompurin, a Sanrio character

11:30 Oh, it seems like our client is calling due to some difficulties with content input and formatting using the custom back-end. Gotta prepare some step-by-step guides for them to follow along. 

12:00 Exhausted and hungry, time to get char siu egg rice (滑蛋叉燒飯) takeaway with Annah and start my adventure with Link and Zelda. From the bottom of my heart, I feel like playing video games is harder than handling clients’ inquiries. 

Struggling to make my way through some dungeons in Zelda

13:00 I smell COFFEE! No one can resist the perfect smell of brewed coffee. It is even more enjoyable to watch our “Coffee Master” Gigi prepare a hand-drip decaf coffee.

13:30 Today I’ve got a new client coming in for their first kick-off workshop. It is important for us to understand the project aim and the client’s situation before we actually design anything. The 2-hour workshop can also help Annah find the design direction and brand identity. As a PM, it is also an essential step for me to make sure everyone is on the same page before moving forward.

16:00 After sending our client off, I head back to the office and type out the meeting minutes from the kick-off. Annah has shared some great ideas about the moodboards and typography for this project as well!

17:30 I usually get off work around this time and rush home to do some shopping at my favourite wet market. I can’t say my family loves my cooking, but practice makes perfect right? 😏 

21:00 Finally, I can settle down for my Korean learning routine. With the Pomodoro Technique, I stay focused for the entire learning process, and take a good rest before getting back to the beyond-ordinary agency life of work tomorrow.