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20220826 birthday photo

Recipe for a birthday prank

K’s workstation got pink’d!

a.k.a. How To Prank Your Boss On His Birthday

Before you start

Preparation time: When your boss was not around in the office

Cook time: 30 minutes before your boss headed back to his workstation

Total time: Good enough to say, “We decorated only after work, boss!”

Servings: 1


  • 4 rolls of ugly wrapping papers
  • 1 roll of mounting tape
  • Scrap paper
  • Some recycled balloons and wall decorations
  • Fancy camera filter
  • An extra pair of hands


Step 1: Get a partner in crime.

GIF by Boomerang Official from Giphy

Step 2: Lock your boss out of the office so you can overdecorate the workstation.

K's workstation (before)
K’s workstation (before)

Step 3: Cover everything you see at the workstation with the ugliest wrapping paper you can get from a stationery store. Put the final touch to these “gifts” with ribbons made from scrap paper.

K's workstation (after)
Let a glittery pink flamingo threw up on K’s desk

Step 4: Ask for an extra pair of hands to blow up the balloons (or just get an air pump) 3 minutes before your boss gets back.

Blowing up some balloons
We found the air pump after finished blowing up all the balloons

Step 5: Get your camera and the fancy filter ready.

K's workstation (completed)
A staycation-selfie filter is always the right pick

Step 6: Welcome the birthday star, shout out “Happy Birthday!”, and force your boss to strike a pose.

Strike a pose
Pose! Pose! POSE!

Tips: Make sure you hide REAL gifts underneath these ugly wrapping papers, and reuse the papers afterwards!

Enjoy 😎