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4 Benefits of hiring a web design agency

Every partnership has its own challenges and benefits.

It can be a difficult decision to make when choosing who to design for your website: in-house team, a fairly-priced freelance, or a professional web design agency?

Hiring the right web designer can amplify your online marketing and boost user satisfaction. Here are top 4 reasons to hire a professional web design agency for your next business move.

1. A tailored user journey

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An agency approach builds your website around the user’s journey and expectations.

Providing your users with an engaging and hassle-free online experience is the booster of every digital marketing campaign.

An agency approach helps with UX research and UX/UI design by applying the extensive expertise to offer the unique web design and browsing experiences. A web designer will know what the users want on your website and how they navigate through your desktop and responsive platform.

You may already have some insights into the primary target users as well as returning visitors. Working with Grayscale would help figure out the best navigation and site structure so your users can travel through different points of interaction and pages without confusion.

2. Custom look and functionality

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The team gives you the look-and-feel and functionality you want.

Reaching people across all platforms and devices is one of the biggest trends in digital marketing today. An on-trend, responsive website design is your first conversion booster.

If you want your digital platform to look better and be more appealing, a web design agency can work with you to create a website in a custom way, so the look-and-feel and functionality suits your brand identity and needs. In this way, your online presence goes beyond the ready-made solution with predefined features and standardised layout. This is how we worked with the Pilgrim’s Guide team to create the exclusive interactive map library.

With the support from a professional team of web designer and illustrators, your website is not confined to the limited capabilities of a DIY website. Team Grayscale will also be able to execute UX research, provide design and technical support while streamlining the overall project flow.

3. Suite of services

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A web design agency offers a combination of services.

Going through dozens of steps to create project scope, research on applications, execute technical set ups, handle deployment schedule and so forth is exhausting and time-consuming.

Partnering with a web design agency that offers a suite of professional UX/UI design services can free you from hiring multiple professionals to execute a single project, so you can put the focus on back running the next marketing campaign and boosting the sales number.

Grayscale has a family of web designers, illustrators, web developers, and project managers to offer all-round solutions, from consultancy and UX research to UX/UI design and front-end & back-end development.

We are also proud to add one more to the long list — we design our own typeface.

4. Latest technology and best practices

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The professional team follows best practices and uses the latest technology as well as programming languages.

New trends in web design and web development emerge almost before you’ve had the chance to catch up. A web design agency will learn the latest techniques and strategies to develop a digital platform that is user-friendly and best suits your needs. And this is also why we love what we’re doing!

When you hire a web design and web development agency, make sure they have experience with up-to-date industry knowledge and standards so your website is manoeuvred by a team of professionals.

Ready to discover how we can help your business? Let’s share your ideas!