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Our thoughts on design, development, and dat agency life.


An honest review of the Distance Business (D-Biz) Programme

Thinking about getting the “free” money from D-Biz? Here’s our honest review of the Government latest funding programme.


The ultimate summertime roundup

Busy bee’s roundup for summer.


Distance Business Programme (D-Biz): a step closer to digital transformation

A list of useful D-Biz facts and FAQ as your quick guide.

Fun. Failure. Farro

Your first-ever of anything is memorable. So here’s the story of how we’ve created Farro: Grayscale’s first-ever typeface. does a #02

Thought-provoking talks and informative workshops for web creators return to Hong Kong for the second year running!

Green office fingers

We like our plants like our clients: happy and healthy. Ploy Boonnitipat, our account exec, wrote you a brief guide on keeping office plants.

Bring your illustrations to life with gradient and grain

As an illustrator, you may sometimes find yourself wondering how to make your graphics stand out from the pack. Having struggled with this myself and having discovered some solutions, I would be happy to share some of my techniques on adding a bit of depth to your work.

Think like it’s 1995; code like it’s 2035

A workshop on web resilience and progressive enhancement with Jeremy Keith.

In a design pitch, no one wins

A design pitch, (also known as spec work) is a very, very bad idea.

Google Cardboard hardware

EVROPA: an experiment in VR

Diving headfirst into Unity & the Google Cardboard SDK and coming out the other side with a strange underwater VR experience.