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We’re a partner from ideation to completion — and beyond.

Your web development begins with the idea and business proposition, but does not always end with the publication of your website. Does it convey the right message after all? Is there a user group who greatly benefits from your service, but you’re not reaching them somehow?

We are open for a continuous partnership in order to support your online development on both technical and conceptual level.

We build beautiful and useful websites in Hong Kong.


Aromaster is an online ecommerce with a very special proposition: to invite you to explore and identify aromas captured from wine, beer, cigars and other richly scented products around us. It features a fully customizable product by selecting your own aroma kit from 100 different aromas. Grayscale also took care of the branding for Aromaster.

Case Study

Swire Resources

Originally a fledging import-export business, Swire has since grown exponentially into a multinational that has branched into diverse industries that include property, agribusiness, trading and aviation. Although a majority of their core businesses are concentrated in the Asia Pacific region, Swire also operates in other countries counting Papua Ne[...]

We like to think we do things a little differently.

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