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User experience (UX) research Hong Kong

Grayscale is a Hong Kong UX research and design agency.

User experience (UX) research is the study of a user’s emotions towards using your product, system, or service, and Grayscale is here to help. At Grayscale, we use user experience research and custom design to create great user journeys. Our design is informed and backed by our UX research findings, which enable us to create great websites, apps, and tools that converts, and hence meeting your business or operational goals.

Our projects focus on making you and your organisation successful. Whether it is branding design, UX research and design, app or intranet design, front-end or back-end web development, our goal will always be to help you make a difference in your industry.

Since 2011, we’ve worked on hundreds of design projects for all kinds of clients.

We’ve assisted Hong Kong startups shape and build their brand, made and tested interactive prototypes, designed and developed websites, designed apps and other digital products. We have helped SMEs take their next steps with their brand and their online products. We’ve worked with large international enterprises on both internal and external projects.

We also have done quite a few web design and web development projects with universities and NGOs. In all our projects, we help our clients realise their goals, measure their successes, and advise them on continually improving their online presence.

“Really liked how Grayscale’s design team did the user tests and used the outcomes to make our clients life easier.”

Why choose Grayscale for your UX research and design projects?

We truly love creating good solutions through user experience research and design. We are one of the first true user-centred design and development agencies in Hong Kong and work together with you to find the best solutions, balancing you and your users’ needs, your budget, and other variables.

We use knowledge, user research, skill and creativity to create awesome designs your users will love. All of our designs are fully custom to make sure your brand stands out from the crowd.

We work in a structured yet flexible way, where each project is unique. We always make sure we understand your goals and users well before we start designing and developing.