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Web design and web development in Hong Kong

We’re so glad you’ve found us!

With a professional team of web designers, developers, UX researcher and project managers, Team Grayscale helps craft an on-brand online presence with your exclusive identities.

Custom solutions for your needs

We offer full customised web design and web development solutions which put you and you target audience first.

In all Grayscale projects, clients are brought closer to the goals. Through prioritising your business goals and analysing your target audience’s expectations, we help figure out the most suitable approach to construct your online presence.

Bring solutions to life

Over the years, organisations, big and small, have trusted us to bring the best design and development solution to life.

Since 2011, we have assisted local and international clients not just in completing their web design, web development and deployment projects, but also in manifesting their brand identity and testing interactive prototypes with actual customers.

We can guide you in taking the first step to establish an online presence through a refreshed website with personalised web design and responsive web development. Over the years, Grayscale has worked with local and non-local universities, NGOs, and SMEs for a good number of web design and web development projects.

Make a difference with our design

Design is problem-solving.

Through the desk and user research, we help define the project’s challenges and strategise how to overcome them.

Our service objective is to maximise your organisation’s potential. Whether it is brand identity updates, logo design, web design and web development, graphic design, animated graphic design, UX/UI design, app design, or even app development, our services aims to help you make a difference in your business in Hong Kong—and beyond.

Our services

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What to consider hiring Grayscale for

  • User experience (UX) research and design
  • User interface (UI) design
  • Web design and web development
  • Responsive web design and web development
  • Content management system development, e.g. WordPress
  • E-commerce web design and web development
  • Graphic design and animated graphic design
  • Motion graphic design
  • Brand identity and corporate identity design
  • Logo design and communication collaterals design
  • Prototyping / MVPs
  • Custom PHP development

Grayscale also helps with

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Google Analytics
  • Custom iconography
  • Typography design
  • Translation
  • Copywriting
  • Photography and videography

What Grayscale can help you find a partner

  • Web hosting
  • Domain registration
  • SSL Certificate
  • Social media marketing

Team Grayscale helps craft an on-brand online presence with your exclusive brand identity.
With a professional team of web designers, developers, UX researcher and project managers, Team Grayscale helps craft an on-brand online presence with your exclusive identities.

Why choosing Grayscale?

So why choosing Team Grayscale for your web design and web development project?

As one of the first user-centric web design and web development agencies in Hong Kong, we constantly works closely with every client to find the best solutions, while balancing you and your customers’ needs, your budget, your brand values, and other variables.

Our service objective is to achieve your goals by analysing and supporting users to efficiently complete their tasks. Not only can we translate your existing offline identity onto the web, but also help you create a brand identity from scratch.

What makes your solution great?

Every user is unique, so does any web design and web development project.

All of our web (UX/UI) designs are fully customised to make sure your online presence and refreshed website stands out from the crowd. We always make sure we understand your goals and users well before we start designing and developing.

Next is about communication strategy, as a website project can last from weeks to months. Having an effective communication with the agency’s project manager or the point of contact is crucial to project success. A smooth communication can ensure your project moves as planned.

Lastly, make sure you schedule a time to talk to the agency, and ask as many questions as you need. Your discussion can provide further insights into the working team, dig deeper into their services, and get a better sense for their offered solutions. After all, you want to partner with a web design and web development agency that values your business values and concerns.

“First, they went out of their way to research our field and understand our needs; and then they were great to work with – knowledgeable, authoritative, skilled and efficient.”

— Niall Donnelly, Boase Cohen & Collins, Solicitors & Notaries

3 frequently asked questions for web design and development projects

“Do I need to build my website from scratch, or can I just revamp the current one?”

“Can I have some tips for writing the project brief and outlining the scope of work”

These are just a few examples of the project managers’ struggle when it comes to website project planning and preparation.

Team Grayscale has prepared a list which covers the frequently asked questions for web design and web development projects. Feel free to study it ahead of time, or simply reach out to us for a quick talk.

1️⃣ What is the good first step to start a web design / web revamp project?

Always share your project goals and what you are looking for, for example:

  • What should this website project do for you?
  • Where do you get the design or features reference from?
  • What features and/or technical specifications does your new website need?
  • Do you have a hard or soft deadline?
  • What budget do you have in mind for the project?

Feel free to send us an inquiry or give us a call to share your project brief!

2️⃣ How much is my website project?

Short answer: it depends on the design and technical complexity of your project.

The more complex your project, the higher the necessary investment and the longer the timeline. A one-pager website in one language requires less investment than a multilingual eCommerce marketplace on a customised back-end.

It also depends on your expectations. Depending on the features required, the cost with Team Grayscale can be anywhere between a few ten thousand and over a million.

3️⃣ Can I get a new website in 1 month?

A project lead time is usually related to the design and technical complexity. Generally speaking, the duration of a web design and development project is phased by:

Design work: it depends on the complexity of the layout, number of iterations, as well as branding requirements. This phase can take anywhere from 0.5 to 3 months.

Development work: it often takes our developers 4 weeks to finish the basic and necessary coding work. Again, depending on the technical complexity, the number of pages, and functionality required, etc, the duration may be extended to 10 weeks or above.

Let’s take a look at our work process if you’re interested in knowing more!

Trusted by our clients

5 reasons to hire a web design and web development agency for your business

It is always challenging to choose amongst a fairly-priced freelancers, a professional agency, or an in-house team when it comes to a website project. Each partnership has its unique benefits and challenges.

1. A web design and web development agency tailors your website to the user’s journey

Providing users with a smooth, engaging online experience is both a foundation and booster to your digital marketing campaigns.

To naturally lead website users to conversion through CTA buttons, promotional links, or even a contact form, an agency approach will cover UX research and UX/UI design, applying extensive expertise to offer tailored web design and browsing experience.

You may already have some insight into your potential and returning customers, but a web designer will know what they want on your website and how they navigate through your desktop and responsive website.

With Grayscale, this means your users can travel through different points of interaction and pages without confusion. We understand that each project is unique, so we always make sure we understand your goals and users well before designing and developing.

2. A web design and web development agency gives you the look-and-feel and functionality you want

You only get seconds to capture the attention of your customers. An on-trend, responsive website design is your first conversion booster.

To make your website stand out from the crowd, a web design and web development agency can create your site in a custom way, so your online presence is not limited by ready-made design solutions and predefined features. This is how our Pilgrim’s Guide project stands out from the rest.

Working with a web design and web development agency, you can go beyond the limited capabilities of a DIY-website — partial eCommerce functionalities, integrations with third-party services, custom responsive web design features and so many more that you need now or in the future.

Agencies featuring a professional team of web designers and web developers will also be able to execute UX research and design; streamline the overall design and technical set-up; take care of bug fixing and maintenance after launch.

3. A web design and web development agency offers a combination of services

Partnering with an agency that offers multiple services can free you from hiring multiple professionals to execute a single project. Instead of going through hundreds of steps to create job listings, research on suitable applications, execute and monitor technical set-up, handle deployment and so forth. You can focus on running your business and taking care of your customers.

As a web design and web development agency, Grayscale employs a family of professionals, such as web designers, web developers, project managers, and copywriters, to offer full-service solutions: consultancy, UX research, UX/UI design, responsive web design, front-end and back-end development, maintenance, and so on. We are proud to add one more to the long list — we design our own typeface.

4. A web design and web development agency uses the latest technology and programming languages

Technology and trends in the field of web design and web development evolve more rapidly than you can think of. An agency specialised in website design and website development focuses and dedicates their time to learn about the latest strategies and techniques for designing better websites. And this is why we love what we’re doing!

When you hire a web design and web development agency, ensure your website is designed and manoeuvred by professionals with up-to-date industry knowledge and standards.

5. No accountability worries with a web design and web development agency

Agencies, regardless of their size, have established a reputation in the industry. Upholding positive feedback and reviews amongst their industry peers and customers will hold them accountable for the offered services.

Public reviews written by satisfied customers oftentimes demonstrate the agency’s capabilities and commitment to high-quality deliverables and successful client relationships.

With all this information, you will be able to determine who meets your needs best — or even above your expectations.

Ready to discover how a website can do more for your business? Talk to us now and share your concepts!