Simple solutions
to complex problems.


A little stress is ok Austen Advisory’s Rachel asked Grayscale to develop a web-based tool to assess and report employees’ resilience levels and highlight danger signs of stress.

Measure and act

Workplace related stress is becoming more and more of a problem. As a workplace psychologist Rachel developed a methodology to measure stress in organisations, teams and individuals. This allows organisations to act before real problems occur and individuals to develop personal strategies for avoiding burnout.

Easy and logical

Grayscale custom designed and developed the tool, which we named AURA (Austen Resilience Assessment). The tool is easy to use for clients, but holds a rather complicated logic based on scientific assessment best practices to provide each client (individual, team, organisation) a automated and customised insights report. We created a friendly and easy to use interface (front-end) combined with a solid and scalable custom PHP back-end.

Making it personal

We have recently added a personal section to the site/tool so interested individuals can sign up and purchase an assessment individually rather than only via their employer. A personalised report helps them recognise signs of burnout and provides practical actions to avoid the consequences become serious and damaging.

Why we love this project

Employee stress is always a topic in Hong Kong, and Rachel’s approach and her personality spoke to our hearts. It’s also fun to work on complicated things, and even though we also sometimes got a little stressed about the complexity of the tool, we do really love the result.

I really love the design and all the attention the team at Grayscale has put into my project. They are also always fast helping me to solve issues, sometimes at crazy times!

Rachel Austen, AURA founder