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Want to stand out from the crowd? We offer unique, professional Dutch UX web design in Hong Kong.

It’s been incredible working with such talented, responsive, and amazing folks. Bernice Ines, Peking University

Your website is your online corporate identity. It’s how your clients perceive, recognize and remember you.

Your website is online 24/7 as the representation for your company and it’s usually the first impression your (potential) client will get. Don’t let it be a wrong impression, you often only get one chance. You want a better Web design in Hong Kong? Grayscale can give you the web site that makes the difference and offers an edge over your competitors.

Amaze your visitors with our unique take on web design

Grayscale is the only professional web design company in Hong Kong that works with Dutch Graphic Designers. This enables us to make western designed websites in a local market.

Screenshot - Zerolemon
Screenshot - Surround App

Get more online sales or interaction

Conversion is the key: how to get the ‘hard fought for’ visitors to stay on your website, interact or commit to buy. Unique design and well placed CTAs (Call To Actions) will make a big difference in how your website is perceived and how many of your visitors will get in contact with you.

We are particularly strong in the following areas:

  • Creative solutions in graphics and design
  • Custom web site design
  • Unique Graphic Design

We also have a track record on:

  • Company restructuring of on-line presence
  • E-commerce website design
  • Mobile APP development

E-commerce website design

You have a web shop and want more business from your on-line buyers or starting up awhole new on-line store? Then a website design built in Hong Kong by Dutch Designers makes the difference. Stand out from the crowd and be the one Top Of Mind (TOM) when on-line users are wanting to purchase in your product area. E-commerce website design is craftsmanship, you need a specialist to get it right.

A Website for HK$45,000 and up

To ensure Unique websites for our customers, we work with Hong Kong based Dutch Website designers, Conceptual Graphic Designers and Website Developers at academic level to ensure the best Web design Hong Kong presence for you. We have more than 10 years of experience in on-line presence. A website design by Grayscale Hong Kong Ltd enables you to expand your on-line business or present yourself on the internet in the best possible way.

Screenshot - Toyo MT

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We like to think we do things a little differently.

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