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Student research projects from HKU’s art history course “Saintly Bodies and Holy Shrines: The Art and Architecture of Medieval Pilgrimage” now have a new home on the web—The Pilgrim’s Guide!  This course places the art and visual culture of medieval pilgrimages in a contemporary, global context.

Grayscale’s design & development team worked with Prof. Lastra and her students to plot routes and artefacts on an interactive map and transform each project into a fully-fledged article, allowing them to really shine with embedded 3D models, hi-res photography, and more.

“You did a wonderful job with the website and displayed content the way I wanted. You also balanced our medieval theme with the modernity of the web, which I thought would be tricky to do.”
—Guide contributor


“Thank you Grayscale! My pleasure and honour to be part of the project.”
—Guide contributor